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Greetings and DIY Sewing Table Chic

I just joined the community and wanted to introduce myself. Also, I wanted to share my most recent home DIY project. I had a blast making it!

I found a solid wood desk from the 40s at a resale shop for $40. The sides were curved and feminine and I knew I could turn it into a stunner.

Then, I bought some posh wrapping paper at a boutique.

After sanding down the desk, I primed it. Then, painted the entire desk in a creamy white. The insides of the desk drawers, I did in a color to match the walls in my guest bedroom. The sides of the desk drawers, I covered in the posh wrapping paper using Elmer's Glue.

I am replacing the desk handles with nice vintage-y dresser handles from Anthropologie. As soon as I can, I will take photos of the finished desk and of the guest bedroom.

Links for painting and distressing a desk:

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i would still like to see this picture if possible!