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hello all! it has been a while since i have posted here, so let me reintroduce myself... my name is rachael and i am the moderator of this community. thanks to everyone who still posts, i have enjoyed reading many of the ideas/suggestions/recipes that have been shared! i hope to see more posting soon!
i recently moved into a new apartment and bought new items/got rid of items i no longer needed. i just thought i'd share the Freecycle project with everyone, it has been a great way for me to obtain/get rid of items that i either need or do not need. plus, it is completely free! the basis of the project is this: we all have items we no longer need that someone may actually have a need for (one man's trash = another man's treasure). the project works in that people join their local freecycle project through a group (mine is through yahoo groups). when someone has an item they no longer need, they send an "offer" email to the rest of the group. if a person has a need, they post a "wanted" email to the rest of the group. like i said, it is always free, but pickups/dropoffs/mailing of items is always necessary of course, which is why it works best within a local setting. i have given away lots of items and still have a lot to get rid of!
it's fun to at least try! happy freecycling!
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